State-of-the-art Systems

ATARGET is a technology company devoted to excellence in research and development. ATARGET has an excellent expertise on systems including direction finding, localization, communications, radar, sonar and acoustics.The business model includes not only the system development but also the consulting and training.

ATARGET has the most sophisticated and state of the art knowledge and expertise in direction finding (DF) systems. The DF systems in our focus start from HF frequencies and extend to VHF/UHF and more. Currently, ATARGET can deliver the most advanced HF DF solution especially for land applications.

ATARGET has also an expertise in radar and communications systems. This expertise is especially unique in beamforming design. In communications, LTE standard requires multi-antenna transmit systems with broadcasting and multicasting properties. ATARGET can design best discrete beamformers in these applications. This unique capability can also be used in radar systems where multiple simultaneous beams are used for tracking and communications.

ATARGET has developed one of the most sophisticated acoustic shooter detection system. This acoustic system is used to find the direction and location of small arms as well as larger assets including mortars and rockets. The system has a higher accuracy than its competitors. It can be installed on vehicles, helicopters, personnel and fixed sites.