Wearable Shot Detection System


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BORA-3 is an acoustic shot detection system based on a high performance state-of-the art technology. It uses both the shock and muzzle blast waveforms to detect and locate guns with supersonic particles. BORA-3 is a swap product making it suitable for personal use. BORA-3 uses the same technology as the BORA-1 and BORA-2 products only with a smaller size. Its hand terminal is composed of a versatile touch panel with a user friendly menu. Display presents the information such as target distance, azimuth and elevation angles. In addition, sensor GPS coordinates can be observed thanks to a GPS, IMU, and magnetic compass integration.

BORA-3 increases the situational awareness of personnel. It is a tactical product performing in demanding environments including remote mountainous areas as well as highly reverberant urban districts.

BORA-3 is unique not only due to its high performance but for its flexible architecture. This leads to integration of additional capabilities to the sensor system.

  • - High performance, state-of-the art technology
  • - Robust performance in reverberant environments
  • - All weather performance
  • - SWAP product.
  • - Seamless operation in urban and free fields.
  • - Multiple unit integration is optional
  • - User friendly display with all vital information.
  • - Additional sensor integration is possible
  • Performance
  • - Detection rate > %96
  • - Azimuth error < 7.5& degree
  • - Distance error < %20
  • - Response time < 1.3 s
  • Electrical Property
  • - Rechargeable Battery > 8 hours
  • Size
  • - Volume< 600cc
  • - Weight less than 350 gr