DORUK Artillery Location System

Image 3

DORUK is an acoustic artillery detection system. It is based on the distributed sensor acoustic technology developed by ATARGET. DORUK system is composed of a number of acoustic sensors distributed in the terrain. At least two sensors are required for a fix on target. Additional sensors increase the accuracy. Sensors communicate in mesh structure seamlessly. A sensor enters to the DORUK system automatically when activated. Each sensor shares the information with others and can perform target fix alone. There is no need for a command unit but any sensor can be assigned as a command post.

DORUK system can be mounted on vehicles making it a mobile sensor system. DORUK can be integrated with camera and other sensor units to improve the situational awareness.

DORUK system can operate in any terrain or climate. It is a passive system with a large area of coverage. It provides 360 degrees detection. Multiple simultaneous targets can be identified and located accurately.

  • -Detects artillery, mortar, rockets
  • -Passive acoustic detection
  • -All weather performance, day/night detection with high accuracy
  • -Distributed sensor technology
  • -User friendly touch screen presents all the vital information.
  • -Requires no calibration
  • -Azimuth, elevation, distance and position for the target are marked on the digital map with GPS information.
  • -Camera integration is optional.