Acoustic Detection System


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BORA is an acoustic shot detection system. It is based on the state-of-the art acoustic technology developed by ATARGET. The accuracy and sensitivity of BORA is proved to be one of the best. BORA has different operating modes making it an ideal device for a wide number of scenarios. BORA system can be integrated onto mobile platforms such as helicopters or UAV’s. It can also be a part of the wearable suits. One of the most effective configuration becomes the fixed-site installations.

BORA can be easily installed on a tripod and multiple units can be integrated for better accuracy. BORA is essentially a standalone unit and perform the target localization with a single sensor. A user friendly GUI presents all the vital information on a digital map. BORA system is extensively tested in different fields and conditions. Its performance is robust even in reverberant environments.

When it is installed to vehicles, it can be used for vehicle and convoy protection. It can function while the vehicle is in move or in a stationary position.

A smaller BORA unit satisfies the SWAP requirements without sacrificing from performance. In fact, mini BORA unit uses the same technology as its larger versions.

  • -Works with both shock and muzzle blast
  • -All weather performance, day/night detection with high accuracy
  • -User friendly touch screen presents all the vital information.
  • -Requires no calibration
  • -Friendly region definition
  • -Azimuth, elevation, distance and position for the target are marked on the digital map with GPS information.
  • -Camera integration is optional.
  • Performance
  • - Detection rate > %96
  • - Angular Error < 1.5° (degree)
  • - Distance error < %10
  • - Response time < 1.3 s
  • Electrical Property
  • - 110-220V AC or 9-30VDC
  • Size
  • - System height from ground 2m
  • -Instrument: 22cmx16cmx9cm